Tonni Bennett: From Pre Revenue to 20M ARR
Outbound Sales

Tonni Bennett: From Pre Revenue to 20M ARR

| Justin Ashby | Dec 20, 2023 |


In this podcast episode, Tonni Bennett shares her journey from sales at UPS to becoming a VP of Sales at Daily. She discusses her experience of building sales from zero to 20 million at Terminus and the importance of problem-solving in sales. Tony emphasizes the need to focus on value and avoid perfectionism when enabling others to sell. She also highlights the different selling stages and the importance of adapting to change. Tony shares principles for sales leaders, including the importance of feedback and building trust with the team. Finally, she discusses what makes a great day in sales.


Building sales from zero to 20 million requires constant problem-solving and adapting to change.Enabling others to sell involves providing frameworks and flexibility in training.Avoid perfectionism and focus on value in the sales process.Principles for sales leaders include listening to feedback, building trust, and avoiding favoritism.A great day in sales is one where the right actions are taken to lead to a sale, regardless of the outcome.


00:00 Introduction and Background

03:05 Building Sales from Zero to 20 Million

06:06 Figuring Out How to Sell vs. Enabling Others to Sell0

9:06 Avoiding Perfectionism and Focusing on Value

12:23 Different Selling Stages and Adapting to Change

17:22 Principles for Sales Leaders

21:57 What Makes a Great Day in Sales

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