Vin Matano: The Value of Building Your Personal Brand
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Vin Matano: The Value of Building Your Personal Brand

| Justin Ashby | Jun 18, 2024 |


How does a tech sales expert become a personal branding powerhouse? Meet Vin Matano, who has seamlessly blended his sales career at Demandbase with a thriving personal brand across LinkedIn, TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube. In this episode, Vin shares his journey from an SDR to a sales role while leveraging his passion for video production. Learn how the pandemic reignited his creativity and allowed him to connect with a broader audience, providing a fresh perspective on tech sales.

We delve into the crucial role of personal branding for both individuals and companies. Discover how promoting employees as a "cast" and encouraging authentic content can enhance a company's brand presence on platforms like LinkedIn. We also discuss the pitfalls of over-controlling employee content and highlight successful strategies from companies like Demandbase and Gong, which have seen increased engagement and brand awareness by supporting their employees' online presence.

Vin shares actionable strategies for encouraging employee activity on LinkedIn and building personal brands that benefit both the individual and the company. He emphasizes creating internal groups and optional content optimization sessions. Tune in for Vin’s tips on how to start your day right—whether it’s through content creation, networking, or a morning workout with a friend—designed to energize your sales efforts and boost productivity. Vin's insights offer a unique blend of creativity and practical advice to enhance your career.


- Building a personal brand on LinkedIn can open up opportunities and lead to personal and financial growth.
- Companies should focus on enabling their employees to build personal brands rather than treating them as megaphones for promoting the company.
- Employees should stay with a company if they believe in its culture, product, and leadership, as it allows them to build relationships and increase their commissions over time.
- A great day in sales includes prospecting, creating content, and setting up meetings, with the possibility of closing a deal.
- It is important to find a balance between personal interests and career goals when choosing a company to work for.


"Brands should treat their employees like a cast, not megaphones. Promote your employees’ personal brands and let their authentic content shine through; it will trickle down and benefit the company immensely."

"Reps often job-hop for a minor bump in base salary, but the real gains come from staying put, building rapport, and mastering your role. My advice: don't chase that extra 5-10K, focus on long-term success and commission growth."

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