Taylor Safford: Anchor In Leading Indicators
Sales Teams

Taylor Safford: Anchor In Leading Indicators

| Justin Ashby | Apr 06, 2024 |



Taylor Safford, CRO at Netcraft, shares his journey from being one of the earliest hires at Qualtrics to leading sales teams and scaling offices. He emphasizes the importance of embracing a mindset shift and focusing on leading indicators to achieve success in sales. Taylor discusses the challenges and lessons learned from scaling sales teams and highlights the significance of defined roles, expectations, and accountability in building successful relationships. He also explains the concept of point productivity and its impact on sales performance. Taylor concludes by sharing his perspective on what constitutes a great day in sales.


Embrace a mindset shift and take ownership of your success in sales.
Focus on leading indicators and simplify your approach to achieve your goals.
Build successful relationships by defining roles, setting expectations, and fostering accountability.
Implement a point system to track productivity and prioritize high-impact activities.
A great day in sales involves creating pipeline, progressing and closing deals, and personal growth.


00:00 Introduction and Background

04:15 Overcoming Challenges at Qualtrics

07:01 The Importance of Leading Indicators

10:20 Scaling and Managing Sales Teams

15:42 Approach at Netcraft

21:57 Implementing Point System

25:47 Defining a Great Day in Sales

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