Scott Leese: Put Your GTM on Paper
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Scott Leese: Put Your GTM on Paper

| Justin Ashby | Apr 09, 2024 |


Scott Lease has been part of 11 exits, and worked with 12 unicorns. He's got one of the most storied backgrounds in Silicon Valley and has since made the move to Austin to continue building and scaling sales organizations.
In this episode, he emphasizes the importance of putting sales processes on paper and customizing solutions for each company. So many people run their sales orgs from their heads - it doesnt work!
Scott also highlights the significance of tracking leading indicators and results in sales. He shares his motivation and mindset, drawing inspiration from athletes like Michael Jordan and Tom Brady. Scott reflects on memorable deals and discusses his plans for the future, including diversifying income streams. He concludes by emphasizing the importance of enjoying the daily activities in sales.

  • Consider the location and market conditions when building and scaling sales organizations.
  • Put sales processes on paper to create a foundation for success and make it easier to coach and scale.
  • Track leading indicators and results to accurately predict and plan for future success.
  • Stay motivated by enjoying the daily activities and finding ways to make a meaningful impact.
  • Diversify income streams and plan for the future to maintain lifestyle and income levels.

00:00 Introduction and Background
03:04 Moving to Austin and Changing Sales Organizations
05:51 Customizing Sales Solutions
08:59 The Importance of Putting Sales Processes on Paper
11:53 Tracking Leading Indicators and Results
15:59 Motivation and Mindset in Sales
22:49 Staying Motivated and Planning for the Future
29:12 Creating a Great Day in Sales

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