Live: Morgan Ingram - “Levers, Stoplights, and Your Anti-Why”
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Live: Morgan Ingram - “Levers, Stoplights, and Your Anti-Why”

| Justin Ashby | Apr 15, 2024 |


Morgan Ingram, everyone!

Huge following on LinkedIn, incredible advisor to many brands, and has his own company to consult and help built incredible sales orgs. In this conversation, Morgan and Justin discuss what makes a great day in sales, setting goals, and productivity levers. They emphasize the importance of reverse engineering goals and aligning activities with those goals. They also discuss the significance of personal and professional goals and how they drive motivation.

Goals, goals, goals. But it wasn't all about goals! Morgan shares the 'stoplight method' for tracking productivity, which involves categorizing activities as green (money-making activities), yellow (preparation), and red (breaks). They also touch on the importance of competition, learning from teammates, and experimenting with new strategies. They also talk about the value of experimentation and having fun in sales.

Morgan shares his strategies for staying productive, including blocking off his calendar and focusing on high-leverage activities. He also discusses his motivations, such as location and time freedom, creating memorable experiences, making an impact, and avoiding the 'anti-why' scenario.

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