Leslie Venetz: Earn the Right
Outbound Sales

Leslie Venetz: Earn the Right

| Justin Ashby | Jul 02, 2024 |


Leslie Venetz is the founder of a sales-led go-to-market agency, distinguished for her innovative approach to sales and content creation. She's not only a brilliant creator - she's a killer sales woman. She emphasizes the importance of community and knowledge sharing, tailoring content for LinkedIn and TikTok, and always discovering new ways to build pipeline and close deals.

Leslie's methodology focuses on earning the buyer's attention and providing practical resources like objection scripts and voicemail tips. Advocating for personalized outreach and data-driven decisions, she balances key metrics with a personal touch, stressing alignment with personal values—a lesson from her career reflections.

A great sales day for Leslie includes meditation, creative outreach, knowledge exchange, and fun, showcasing her blend of professional success and personal fulfillment.

Episode Preview

In this episode, Leslie shares her expertise on the art of sales, highlighting the importance of embracing discomfort and pushing beyond comfort zones to achieve success. She draws on her experience in speech and debate and customer service, emphasizing the value of these backgrounds in developing her sales skills.

Leslie is a big believer in a structured approach to sales, including creating a repeatable and scalable process, earning the right to a buyer's attention, and personalizing outreach efforts. She also shares valuable resources for sales professionals, such as objection scripts and tips for optimizing cold calls with voicemails.

From aligning personal values with sales practices for long-term satisfaction and success to prioritizing well-known logos on a resume for career growth, Leslie offers actionable tips and insights for mastering the craft of sales.

In this episode, you'll discover how to:

  • Craft a personalized message that speaks to their needs and interests.
  • Develop a clear strategy with measurable steps and KPIs.
  • Research recipients' companies and interests to craft resonant voicemails and messages.
  • Track key metrics to identify areas for improvement and optimize your approach.
  • Reflect on your values and goals, and ensure they align with your sales work.

Chapters That Matter

[00:00] -Introduction and Getting to Know Leslie Venetz

[07:01] - Creating Content on LinkedIn and TikTok

[09:39] - Becoming Comfortable with Outbound Sales

[13:24] - Developing the Earn the Right Methodology

[16:26] - Structuring a Repeatable and Scalable Sales Process

[24:18] - Career Mistakes and Lessons Learned

[26:05] - Aligning Personal Values with Sales Practices

[39:15] - Aligning Personal Values with Sales Practices

Quotes and a Sneak Peek:

In business, especially when scaling operations, efficiency and replicability are key. The adage

"If it's not repeatable, it's not scalable. Consistency is the foundation of success"

highlights the need for systems and processes that can be consistently duplicated to drive growth. Yet, effective scaling involves more than just repeatability; it hinges on data-driven decision-making.

"Without data, strategic iteration is impossible. Relying on guesswork will only lead to costly mistakes and missed opportunities,” emphasizing the critical role of using empirical evidence to continuously refine strategies and improve outcomes.

Shifting from general strategy to specific sales tactics, the emphasis moves to communication, particularly through voicemail. The directive to

"Craft your voicemail script like a cold call. Just as a successful cold call requires a well-honed approach to capture attention and spark interest, your voicemail script should be designed to pique the listener's curiosity"

reminds us of the importance of precision and engagement in every interaction, ensuring every message is as compelling as a direct conversation.

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