Kody Klenow: Sell Like a Local
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Kody Klenow: Sell Like a Local

| Justin Ashby | Apr 10, 2024 |



Kody Klenow, Vice President of Local Revenue at Lee Enterprises, shares insights into sales leadership and managing a large sales team across multiple markets. He discusses his career path and the unique sales program he graduated from. Kody emphasizes the importance of being a connector across the organization and fostering collaboration among sales teams in different markets. He also highlights the significance of hiring salespeople who are involved in and knowledgeable about the local community. Kody shares his approach to building team morale and driving competition, as well as the challenges and benefits of managing a remote sales team.


Hire salespeople who have a can-do spirit and are naturally curious
Focus on leading indicators and understand your unique KPIs
Build relationships and collaborate across different markets
Get involved in the local community to understand the dynamics and needs of clients
Create a sense of camaraderie and competition within the sales team
Balance remote work and in-person visits to different markets
Be action-oriented and prioritize doing over talking


[00:00] Introduction and Career Path
[06:46] The Importance of Local Knowledge and Involvement
[10:56] Creating Team Morale and Driving Competition

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