Kevin Mulrane: Playbooks That Pack a Punch
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Kevin Mulrane: Playbooks That Pack a Punch

| Justin Ashby | Apr 23, 2024 |



Buckle up for a dynamic ride as Justin sits down with Kevin Mulrane, the VP of Sales powerhouse at BioSentry. In this electrifying episode, Kevin spills the beans on his thrilling journey in sales leadership and the art of crafting sales playbooks that pack a punch. Get ready to be energized as Kevin dishes out his top-notch insights on seamlessly integrating into seasoned teams, turbocharging team performance through coaching, and mastering the art of time management as a sales leader. With infectious enthusiasm, Kevin champions the spirit of perpetual learning and adaptation, urging sales teams to embrace evolution and continually refine their processes for unstoppable success. Join us for a lively discussion where Kevin divulges his methodology for transforming each day in sales into a dynamic landscape of growth and enhancement.


Building sales playbooks involves understanding the sales motion, identifying areas for improvement, and defining a consistent way of doing things.
Joining a tenured team requires change management and involving the team in the process of building new processes and resources.
Enabling and coaching the team involves constant reinforcement of best practices, role-playing, and celebrating wins.
Time management as a sales leader requires prioritizing one-on-ones, team meetings, and working on high-priority tasks aligned with the team's objectives.
A great day in sales is one where you learn something new and apply that knowledge to improve your sales process and achieve better outcomes.
Sales teams need to constantly learn and adapt to evolving markets, buyer behaviors, and sales processes.


00:00 Introduction and Background

02:10 Building Sales Playbooks

06:34 Challenges of Joining a Tenured Team

10:56 Enabling and Coaching the Team

14:59 Time Management as a Sales Leader

19:07 What Makes a Great Day in Sales

22:00 Constant Learning and Adaptation

25:23 Conclusion

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