Jessica Molitor: Control The Controllables
Outbound Sales

Jessica Molitor: Control The Controllables

| Justin Ashby | Dec 04, 2023 |


In this podcast episode, Katie Ward shares her journey in tech sales and her role in building up the next generation of women leaders. She emphasizes the importance of physical health in sales and how it contributes to overall performance. Katie also discusses the unique challenges women face in the workplace and how she helps them overcome imposter syndrome. She introduces the RAP framework for sales, which stands for Reflect, Assess, and Plan, and explains how it helps her stay organized and focused. Additionally, she shares insights from Kobe Bryant's Mamba Mentality and the value of context in sales. Finally, Katie describes what a great day in sales looks like to her.


  • Physical health plays a crucial role in sales performance and resilience.
  • Building up women leaders requires mentorship, support, and helping them overcome imposter syndrome.
  • The RAP framework (Reflect, Assess, and Plan) helps sales professionals stay organized and focused.
  • Context is important in sales, and understanding the full picture leads to better decision-making.
  • A great day in sales involves starting the day with reflection and goal-setting, being fully prepared for meetings, and ending the day with quality time with family.


00:00 Introduction and Background

03:42 The Importance of Physical Health in Sales

08:09 Building Up Women Leaders

13:19 The RAP Framework for Sales

19:17 The Mamba Mentality and Context in Sales

23:24 A Great Day in Sales

25:02 Conclusion

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