Jessica Molitor: Control The Controllables
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Jessica Molitor: Control The Controllables

| Justin Ashby | Dec 04, 2023 |


Join us as we chat with Jessica, the VP of Sales at Deskera. Jessica walks us through her sales journey and her leap from a large organization to a startup. You'll gain insights into how she hones her problem-solving skills to tackle different areas of the business and the importance of segmentation in propelling the business forward and pinpointing the ideal customer. This riveting discussion underscores the perks of concentrating on segmentation for both team and company growth.

We'll also unravel the essence of setting goals and cultivating habits for SDRs and AEs to effectively arrange meetings and seal deals. Discover why it's critical to identify individual strengths and allocate time accordingly, rather than adhering to a one-size-fits-all strategy. We also explore the advantages of a diverse sales team comprising SDRs and AEs, and the optimal way to structure the team for peak success.

Finally, we dissect the importance of building a successful sales team, emphasizing the value of diverse skill sets within the team, including internal promotions and leveraging the talents of both SDRs and AEs. Jessica leaves us with some thought-provoking insights on setting up frameworks for success in sales, controlling the controllables, and allowing individuals to focus on their strengths. It's a power-packed episode you won't want to miss!

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