Jeff Torbeck: Is Your Sales Floor a Learning Environment?
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Jeff Torbeck: Is Your Sales Floor a Learning Environment?

| Justin Ashby | Apr 04, 2024 |


Justin Ashby interviews Jeff Torbeck, VP of Revenue at They discuss various topics related to sales management and team building and focus in on how a high performing team can be a place of constant learning. Jeff shares his insights on focusing on individual performance, balancing quota performance and team fit, and the evolving perception of sales as a valued profession.

The conversation emphasizes the importance of collaboration, continuous learning, and customer-centric selling. His great day in


  • Building winning teams involves empowering individuals, removing obstacles, and fostering collaboration.
  • Hiring the right people is crucial for team success, and it's important to assess candidates' coachability and their alignment with the team's values and goals.
  • Creating a learning environment involves encouraging continuous learning, sharing best practices, and leveraging the expertise of experienced team members.
  • A great day in sales is not just about closing deals, but also about enjoying the sales process, loving the solution being sold, and continuously improving.
  • Transitioning from individual sales to sales management requires a shift in focus from personal success to helping others succeed.


00:00 Introduction and Background
03:06 Transition to Sales Management
05:07 Focus on Individual Performance
08:38 Building Winning Teams
12:34 Creating a Learning Environment
15:30 Hiring and Team Structure
21:00 Having a Great Day in Sales
25:06 Sales as a Valued Profession
26:33 Selling Like You Buy
27:28 Conclusion

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