Jason Jordan: The Deal Radar, Spotting Winners, and Avoiding Time Wasters
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Jason Jordan: The Deal Radar, Spotting Winners, and Avoiding Time Wasters

| Justin Ashby | Jul 09, 2024 |


Jason Jordan, a seasoned sales management expert, currently serves as a Management Consultant and Interim Executive, offering invaluable guidance to B2B companies. With acclaimed best-selling books like "Cracking the Sales Management Code" and "Sales Insanity," Jordan's insights illuminate the path to sales excellence worldwide. Specializing in Sales Metrics, Pipeline Management, Forecasting, CRM utilization, and Leadership Development, his expertise catalyzes transformative changes within organizations. A captivating keynote speaker, Jordan's profound understanding and engaging delivery make his book a must-read for B2B sales management professionals. Beyond his literary contributions, Jason occasionally ventures into entrepreneurship, leveraging his wealth of experience to drive innovation and success in the business landscape.

As he delves into his expertise in sales management, Jason Jordan, author of 'Cracking the Sales Management Code,' emphasizes the importance of prioritizing the right opportunities and optimizing the sales pipeline. He advocates for a strategic approach where sales leaders focus on impactful coaching and consultative selling tailored to specific industries. Jordan also highlights the necessity of aligning the sales process with the buyer's needs and the value of coaching receptive team members to drive performance.

🎧 Join Jason Jordan for an insightful podcast episode that uncovers the keys to effective sales management and pipeline optimization. Whether you're a seasoned sales leader or new to the field, his practical advice on focusing on valuable opportunities, coaching, and aligning sales strategies with buyer expectations will help you excel. 💼  For a quick rundown, check out our TL:DL below (Too Long, Didn't Listen) 👇

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