George Saadeh: "You Haven't Found Success Until It's Repeatable"

George Saadeh: "You Haven't Found Success Until It's Repeatable"

| | Apr 29, 2024 |



In an exclusive conversation, George, the Chief Revenue Officer at Recharge, unveils the secrets to crafting a thriving sales career and ascending to the ranks of a true sales virtuoso. With fervor and finesse, he imparts the wisdom of transcending the mere title of a salesperson, advocating for the transformation into a consummate sales professional.

Through the prism of his own journey, George underscores the pivotal role of harmonizing success and fulfillment, fashioning a cultural milieu ripe for exponential growth. Moreover, he unveils the clandestine art of mastering time and productivity, unraveling the blueprint for orchestrating a stellar day in sales.

In essence, George's discourse transcends conventional wisdom, offering an arsenal of leadership principles and avant-garde approaches destined to propel sales professionals into unprecedented realms of triumph and accomplishment.


Being a sales professional is about being passionate and dedicated to sales as a career, rather than viewing it as a fallback option.
Success in sales requires continuous learning and improvement, and sales professionals should strive to be knowledgeable and skilled in all aspects of their role.
Creating a culture of growth and development is essential for building successful sales teams.
Maximizing time and productivity is crucial for achieving success in sales and in life.


00:00 Introduction and Background

01:01 Career at Qualtrics

01:26 Transition to Recharge

03:20 Building Sales Careers

04:07 Becoming a Professional Seller

05:04 Balancing Success and Happiness

05:33 Leadership Principles for Success

06:31 Career Growth and Development

07:30 Creating a Culture of Growth

08:28 Maximizing Time and Productivity

09:20 Changing Mindsets and Expectations

10:27 Balancing Success and Happiness

11:20 Defining a Great Day in Sales

19:43 Balancing Career Growth and Personal Life

22:29 Maximizing Time and Focusing on Priorities

25:21 Maximizing Every Moment

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