Gabe Lullo Unveils Sales Secrets: Mastering the SDR Realm with Alley-oop's CEO
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Gabe Lullo Unveils Sales Secrets: Mastering the SDR Realm with Alley-oop's CEO

| Justin Ashby | Feb 07, 2024 |


In this riveting episode, Justin Ashby delves into the world of sales development with none other than Gabe Lullo, the mastermind CEO behind Alley-oop, an SDR agency. With passion and expertise, they navigate through the intricate landscape of sales, tackling crucial topics such as the art of onboarding SDRs, the enduring significance of phone calls in outbound sales, and the untapped potential of LinkedIn as a sales powerhouse. Venturing further, they explore the transformative shift towards full cycle sales and the pivotal role of identifying the ideal customer profile (ICP) in driving success. Drawing from his vast experience at the helm of a renowned SDR organization, Gabe imparts invaluable wisdom, stressing the significance of consistent activity metrics and the art of delayed gratification in the competitive realm of sales. Buckle up for an enlightening journey through the nuances of sales strategy, as Justin and Gabe provide a treasure trove of insights sure to empower sales professionals everywhere.


  • Consistent activity metrics are key to success in sales.
  • Phone calls are still the most effective channel for booking meetings.
  • Leveraging LinkedIn and creating content can help build trust and credibility.
  • Identifying and refining the ideal customer profile (ICP) is crucial for effective sales targeting.


00:00 Introduction and Background

03:06 Quickest Way to Onboard SDRs

05:05 The Importance of Phone Calls in Outbound Sales

07:12 The Role of LinkedIn in Sales

12:39 Labeling SDRs on LinkedIn

15:22 The Shift to Full Cycle Sales

18:31 Identifying the Ideal Customer Profile (ICP)

22:35 What Makes a Great Day in Sales

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