Donald Kelly: LinkedIn Luminary, Mastering Sales, Connections, and Success
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Donald Kelly: LinkedIn Luminary, Mastering Sales, Connections, and Success

| Justin Ashby | Mar 26, 2024 |


Join a riveting conversation with Donald Kelly as he unravels the art of mastering LinkedIn for prospecting and sales. In this dynamic discussion, Donald unveils the secrets to regularly connecting with key individuals, delivering valuable content, and sparking engagement. Brace yourself for insights into injecting personality into your LinkedIn presence and leveraging your company page to forge connections. Donald and Justin unveil the Connect, Share, Engage method, empowering sales professionals to position themselves as industry authorities and foster meaningful relationships. Discover effective strategies to stand out, ignite engagement through thoughtful interactions, and initiate conversations that provide value. Be prepared for a journey that culminates in defining a phenomenal day in sales—where satisfaction meets success through helping others achieve their goals. This episode is your compass for navigating the LinkedIn landscape with finesse and impact.


  • Regularly connect with relevant individuals on LinkedIn to expand your network and increase the visibility of your content.
  • Share valuable and relevant content on LinkedIn to establish yourself as an industry authority and attract potential customers.
  • Engage with followers of your company LinkedIn page to build relationships and create opportunities for conversations.
  • Infuse your personality into your LinkedIn engagement to make connections more authentic and memorable. When connecting on LinkedIn, it's important to find a genuine reason to reach out and express interest in the other person's profile or work.
  • To stand out on LinkedIn, try using different reactions and thoughtful comments on posts to catch people's attention and encourage engagement.
  • When initiating a conversation, focus on the other person's needs and offer value or assistance that aligns with their goals or challenges.
  • A great day in sales is when you can help someone make a breakthrough, get rewarded for your efforts, and connect with new prospects who are open to change.


00:00 Introduction and Background

01:01 Making the Decision to Start a Business

03:00 The Power of LinkedIn for Sales

10:58 The Connect, Share, Engage Method

21:16 The Importance of Regularly Posting on LinkedIn

26:25 Engaging with Followers of Company LinkedIn Page

32:44 Infusing Personality into LinkedIn Engagement

40:02 Connecting on LinkedIn

41:18 Promoting Engagement on LinkedIn

42:10 Initiating a Conversation

43:00 A Great Day in Sales

Great Day In Sales Podcast Intro

Great Day in Sales Podcast Outro

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