Collin Mitchell: The Art of Personalized and Targeted Outreach
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Collin Mitchell: The Art of Personalized and Targeted Outreach

| Justin Ashby | Jan 30, 2024 |


Embark on an exhilarating journey with Justin as he unravels the fascinating career narrative of Collin Mitchell, the dynamic managing partner at Leadium, a fractional SDR agency. Join them in exploring the evolution from Collin's early days in sales to the creation and sale of multiple companies. Discover the untold benefits of partnering with a fractional SDR agency and delve into the pivotal role of a quality-centric approach in outbound sales. Collin sheds light on the art of personalized and targeted outreach, unveiling the magic that happens when LinkedIn and phone calls unite. Brace yourself for insights into the importance of testing and tailoring outbound strategies, customized to individual circumstances. As the episode concludes, gain a glimpse into what defines a remarkable day in the ever-evolving world of sales. This is your front-row ticket to an episode pulsating with wisdom and strategic sales revelations.


  • Partnering with a fractional SDR agency can supplement or enhance an existing outbound motion, especially for early-stage companies or specific use cases.
  • A quality-focused approach to outbound sales, with personalized and targeted outreach, is more effective than generic and mass outreach strategies.
  • Combining LinkedIn and phone calls can be a powerful combination for building relationships and initiating conversations.
  • Testing and customizing outbound strategies is crucial, as there is no one-size-fits-all approach.


00:00 Introduction and Background

03:05 The Approach of Leadium and Partnering with an Agency

08:16 Building an Outbound Motion and the Importance of Quality

12:29 Ideal Scenarios for Partnering with a Fractional SDR Agency

16:36 Effective Channels for Outbound Sales

25:00 Testing and Customizing Outbound Strategies

26:09 What a Great Day in Sales Looks Like

Great Day In Sales Podcast Intro

Great Day in Sales Podcast Outro

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