Chet Lovegren: Sales Training vs. Sales Coaching
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Chet Lovegren: Sales Training vs. Sales Coaching

| Justin Ashby | Dec 13, 2023 |


Chet Lovegren, also known as the Sales Doctor, discusses his methodology for sales training and enablement. He emphasizes the importance of understanding the specific needs and challenges of each sales team and provides a tailored prescription for success.

We discuss the resurgence of cold calling and the need for a balanced approach to outbound sales. He highlights the significance of participation and engagement in sales teams and the role of coaching in developing top performers. His insights on identifying and nurturing the best sellers and the key to having a great day in sales are next level. You'll want to listen to this one the whole way through!


  • Sales training and enablement should be tailored to the specific needs of each sales team.
  • Cold calling is making a comeback, especially in industries outside of the SaaS echo chamber.
  • Participation and engagement are crucial in sales teams, and coaching should focus on direction rather than delegation.
  • The best sellers are those who understand the process, have a growth mindset, and consistently perform well.
  • A great day in sales is one where conversations are focused on understanding the prospect's needs and telling stories that align with their challenges and goals.

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