Alyson Baber: Journey from Chemical Engineering to Tech Sales Executive
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Alyson Baber: Journey from Chemical Engineering to Tech Sales Executive

| Justin Ashby | Mar 19, 2024 |


Embark on a captivating journey with Justin as he sits down with Alyson Baber, a brilliant VP of Sales at

Allyson's unconventional career trajectory is not uncommon, but very fascinating. From chemical engineering to medical sales, she's now leading one of the most dynamic teams of sales people in tech.

Allyson shares her invaluable strategies for building trust and managing expectations within her team. She reflects on her experiences in high-growth companies, painting a vivid picture of what constitutes a stellar day in the world of sales. This episode is your ticket to unraveling the dynamic and inspiring world of Alyson Baber's sales journey.


  • Find a balance between doing what you're good at and doing what you enjoy.
  • Process and data are crucial in sales, but gut feelings and conversations also play a role in decision-making.
  • Clear expectations and transparency are key to building trust and managing a sales team effectively.
  • In high-growth companies, a stable foundation and alignment are essential for smooth operations.
  • A great day in sales is defined by winning in the right way with the right people.


00:00 Introduction and Background

03:00 The Importance of Process and Data in Sales

08:00 Managing Expectations and Building Trust

18:00 Navigating High-Growth Companies

27:00 Defining a Great Day in Sales

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Great Day in Sales Podcast Outro

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