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Dustin Sears, VP of Sales at Intellishift

November 13, 2023
Enjoying the journey is just as important as closing deals.

In a recent podcast episode, we had the pleasure of delving into the sales strategy of IntelliShift, an all-in-one fleet platform, and its seasoned sales maestro, Dustin. This was an intriguing and insightful discussion that highlighted the importance of goal setting, the unique approach to cold calling, and the significance of enjoying the sales journey. Here's a breakdown of our enlightening conversation.

The Essence of IntelliShift’s Sales Strategy

Dustin kicked off our discussion by highlighting the importance of personal and team goals. He stressed that goals generate an infectious energy within a sales team that is essential for success. He then gave us a glimpse into IntelliShift, an all-in-one fleet platform that incorporates GPS telematics, AI dash cameras, maintenance, fuel cards, and compliance into one integrated ecosystem. This system helps to eliminate barriers of data movement and significantly streamlines the sales process.

The conversation then shifted to team management, where Dustin revealed that his team tripled their production in just one year. This achievement, he said, was a result of implementing various strategies and giving his team the autonomy to develop their unique approach to their day-to-day tasks. He emphasized the importance of building a top-performing team and giving them the freedom to fail, as this leads to learning and growth.

Cold Calling and Sales Success Strategies

One of the highlights of our conversation was Dustin’s unique approach to cold calling. He shared a story of how his team managed to win a deal by building rapport with a controller and offering two unique features that the competitor did not. They also created a custom video that walked the controller through the process, which made all the difference.

According to Dustin, a great day in sales isn’t just about closing deals. It's about enjoying the journey and the process. He stressed the need to find joy in the little things, from putting together personalized messages to going above and beyond when sending a pricing proposal.

Key Takeaways

Our conversation with Dustin offered valuable insights into the world of sales. Some key takeaways include:

- Personal and team goals are vital in generating infectious energy within a sales team.
- Giving your team the autonomy to develop their approach can significantly boost productivity.
- Unique cold-calling tactics can help you displace competitors and win deals.
- Enjoying the journey is just as important as closing deals.

This conversation wasn't just another sales podcast episode. It was a treasure trove of practical tips, strategies, and insights that could revolutionize your sales playbook.

So, whether you're a seasoned sales professional or just starting out, Dustin's approach to sales offers valuable insights and strategies you can apply to your own sales journey. As Dustin rightly pointed out, sales success isn't just about closing deals; it's about enjoying the journey and the process. After all, sales is more than just a job—it's an art. And mastering this art might just be the key to tripling your sales, just like Dustin and his team at IntelliShift.

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